Monday, October 7, 2013

Inspiration for this glorious fucking week

This week is inspired by my dearest friend, whiskey. You my dear have been there through thick and thin. Everyone has a secret that will break your heart and you have the ability to fall in love with everyone you pass...just depends on what time in your life you become acquainted. Hmmmmm....random misquoted quotes. Oh and noticing you have a creeper by making negative comments on my relationship and feeling them into making a desperate text. We've all been young, crazy and in love and done silly hoe shit, you will one day realize how petty this all was. You're young and ignorant and for that, I forgive you.

Monday, September 30, 2013

Fall music and film

The following are a list of tunage wizards I'm diggin this time of year. Along with a collection of horror/halloween'esque films to occupy my October.

As a lover of The Beatles and Paul McCartney, it was a little difficult to compare that sound with Tame Impala. It's there, trust me. A bit of a 60/70's sound to groove and get shit done to!

I am very critical when it comes to female vocalists, yet Alison Mosshart has my undivided attention! I can't honestly say that I love all of her music, but for the most part i dig it! If you dig The Kills and/or Jack White check out Dead Weather....yes, Miss Mosshart and Sir White together as one!

AnimalCollective. I decided to leave this photo text free after realizing I had been staring at it for about five minutes. Their music actually makes me feel like I'm slightly on drugs, can't complain. Of course, Summertime clothes is the first song I'd recommend on your newest, loveliest adventure.

Newest fckng obsession! I say listen to their album (An Awesome Wave) firstly in its entirety, if you're not into that kind of commitment check out Breezeblocks or Fitzpleasure.

The only reason for cable, is Syfy's 31 Days of Halloween. I haven't had cable in almost a year and a half so a couple of months ago I started my own "DIY" 31 Days of Halloweeny: Tifferninny style.