Friday, August 30, 2013

Happy Labor Day weekend!

Labor Day is the first Monday in September that marks the creation of the labor movement and dedicated to the contributions workers have made to the strength, prosperity, and well-being of our country. Whether your packing up for a mini camping vaca, hittin up the liquor store for the weekend sauce or spending another weekend at home, this is the last holiday of summer and fall is just around the corner. Get off your ass, get outside and frolic! This weekend is for you! This Labor Day I'm paying a little respect to the interweb folk whose creations and commitments inspire me in what I do.
Amy Krell ( ) 2013 has really been a big year for me, I most recently got married and a few months prior we decided to go vegetarian. The hubbs and I both love food and knew that we didn't want to give up delicious, home style foods just because we would be cutting meats out of our diet. Skimming through Instagram one day, I came across @thecomfortingvegan and has since been my go to recipe blog for when I want to whip up something more than a medley of veggies. You can find recipes for vegan: Alfredo, Nutella, toaster strudels, Caesar dressing and even allergy free dog treat recipes! Even if you haven't made the commitment to vegan/vegetarianism, Amy has a recipe that will keep you coming back for more!
Amy is a stay at home mom who loves a new challenge when it comes to creating a vegan dish. Her main goal is what pulled me to her blog in the first place: "I want to see vegan food as any other, delicious, comforting and accessible to anyone starting out, veteran vegan, or cooking for a loved one." And to never sacrifice that comfort for a vegan recipe. Thank you again, Amy, for all of your amazing recipes and making this transition an easy and delicious one!
Feather Hawk/@nowherenick ( ) A few months ago when I came across @nowherenick I was not only inspired, but shocked by his creations! Pieces that will take your breath away and leave you on a lucid trip with real crystals and stones, dolls parts and other random recyclables all put together with the exquisite industrial wire wrapping. His creations are far from norm, yet has something for every day wear.
Not only is @nowherenick a jewelry creator, but he also creates visual art obtaining a BfA in sculpting from the university of North Florida where he even got to cast a baby dolls head in iron. To you, may sound strange, but to the creative sounds like a piece I'd be super proud of. After graduating his resources and space for his larger creations had dwindled way down, and the way to satisfy his creative urge is wire wrapping. Aside from his jewelry making, @nowherenick has always had a fascination with gemstones, rocks and crystals an is involved in the healing art of Reiki. For those of you who aren't familiar with Reiki: Reiki uses energy from the universe and needs a catalyst (the Reiki master) to heal and energize whomever or whatever is in need. Crystals and gemstones are great helpers in his Reiki treatments, and being able to wear one that is charged and intended for healing purposes is a beautiful thing, which is where he found inspiration for naming his shop. "There is something so satisfying about creating a tiny little masterpiece out of wire, and knowing that someone will come along, wear it, and become completely involved in something that I created from scratch." "Making pendants, rings, hat pins, and art that includes crystals and gemstones is a way for me to deliver healing energy to the masses. I love what I do, and pour my soul into every piece that I make. "
Shoddy Lynn / / @dollskill @shoddylynn Not for the easily offended For the misfits and miss legits (Educate yo'self before you accuse religious attributes) In a world where identity is crucial and every girl has a bi-polar style, Dollskill is the one place where the hippies can go to paint it black and the girls your mother warned you about let loose. At Dollskill you can find badass hell raising brands like: Lip Service, Unif, Widow and Tripp NYC. I glorify Dollskill because its quite reminiscent of my 90's style, yet modernized with a darker twist.
Shoddy Lynn known by many other names, is a DJ, wifey, entrepreneur and that's only what the interwebs led me to believe. She DJs with friend skylar taugher under the name SHDWPLAY (check out some of their jams on YouTube!) and have been signed to SCI + TEC Digital Audio.
Trey Paying a little honor to my husband, who not only works his ass off in production but still finds time to make me random sculptures. You're fucking awesome babe!

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