Monday, September 23, 2013

Libra September 23 - October 22

element: air ruling planet: Venus mode: thought/sensation image: Virgo-libra cusp (sept. 23&24) beauty Libra I (sept. 25-oct. 2) perfectionist Libra II (oct. 3- oct. 10) society Libra III (oct. 11-18) theater Libra-scorpio cusp (oct. 19-22) drama and criticism stones: opal and jade colors: primary colors, intense pink, midnight blue body regions: kidneys, lumbar spine, ovaries, descending colon plants: pansy, primrose, violet, strawberry Libras symbol, the scales, emphasizes the need for balance in life. Libra wants to have an open mind when it comes to meeting new people, however can tend to me overly judgmental. The Venusian aspects of libra are usually well appreciated by others, including sensuousness, charm, grace and good humor. Libra can be seen as an evolutionary stage between Virgo and scorpio that transmutes service-oriented, discriminating and analytical energies into fixed powerful and controlling ones. Because of the needs of a libra to see both sides of a problem, indeed to examine every aspect of it, they are prone to procrastination. Libras demand adequate breathing space and tend to get nervous if crowded or pressured. They are quite capable, however, of applying pressure to others, particularly if they feel they are acting in everyone's best interest. Because of their energies and stamina, libras are often highly prized as mates and co-workers. However, they must beware of imposing their strong views on others. Being attractive is extremely important to libras, and could become obsessed with their looks. If they go too far in this regard they may compromise their dignity. Another high priority for Libras is fairness, but in their quest for equality they must seek the middle way, thus avoiding the twin pitfalls of overly accepting or judgmental behavior.

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